FAQ (learners)

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Q: Why should I create an account?

A: Creating an account allows you to save your progress and move between devices. Filling in the optional fields will contribute valuable information about our users so we can continue to grow the ourlingo 1.0 platform.


Q: Is my language safe on ourlingo 1.0? What about my personal data?

Your language, data and personal security is taken extremely seriously by ourlingo 1.0. ourlingo 1.0 is backed by the Federal Government, and privacy and security standards are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Read more about Privacy and Security here


Q: How can I sign in faster?

A: If you are using your personal device, you may like to remain logged in to save time. Another option is to set a ‘Device pin’ in Profile and settings (in the left hand menu). If you regularly use the same shared device, you may find your profile listed in ‘Recent users’, meaning you will only have to enter your password.


Q: What happens if I remove a topic from My topics library? 

A: If you remove a topic from ‘My topics library’, you can find it again by searching in the main library. Removing from ‘My topics library’ simply clears it from your device.


Q: How can I free up space on my phone?

  1. Navigate to Profile and settings in the left hand menu
  2. Select ‘Offline data’ at the bottom of the page
  3. Use the ‘Trash’ button to remove dictionary audio and/or Topics and Activities


Q: How can I contribute photos and recordings to ourlingo 1.0?

A: Contact your Community Administrator to apply to become a content author.


Q: There’s a word missing from the ourlingo dictionary. How can I suggest a new word?

A: Contact [email protected]


Q: I found an error in the dictionary, how can I report this?

A: Contact [email protected]

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