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What is a Unit?

A Unit is a collection of lessons (Topics), displayed in a teacher interface, for the purposes of planning and delivering language to a classroom. The classroom lessons (Topics) may have ‘tech’ activity sequences for the student to complete on their device, or may be directed solely to teachers. Each component of the lesson can be aligned to the national curriculum and include areas for assessment.

Click on ‘Units’ in the ‘Teacher resources’ menu to access a list of available units.

Click on the ‘Eye’ icon (right side of page) to preview the unit in the teacher interface.

The below image is an example of a Unit, displayed in the Teacher interface.


Note: Please see ‘Schools’ for instructions on how to add a Unit to your classroom.

What is a Topic?

A Topic is a collection of Activity Sequences for your language learners, represented in the learner interface by a tile on the home screen or Topics library. A Topic can be also be published for teachers within the context of a unit, and might be called ‘Week 1’. The above image shows a Unit and its Topics within the context of the Teacher interface.

The below image shows a Language Revival Unit displayed in the Learner interface, as well as three single Topics called ‘First five audio echo’, ‘Family’ and ‘Feelings’.


Browse all available Topics in your Teacher Portal by clicking on ‘Teaching Materials’ and then ‘Topics’ in the left hand menu. Click on an individual Topic to see all the Topic details.

Note: Please see ‘Schools’ for instructions on how to add a Topic to your classroom.

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